My specialty is taking on new types of projects and seeing them through to delivery. Typically there’s little available in the way of standard processes for implementing such projects, and so a high degree of flexibility and creativity is required.

Efficient and economical design and development of multi-platform applications is possible on a small budget with Unity 3D. Leveraging of a single codebase is relatively easy for distribution on Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, Android and many other up and coming delivery platforms.

Unity has a .NET-compatible runtime that supports the functionality of a complete business application with the addition of slick 3D and 2D graphics, multi-channel audio and networking.

Being based on the Gold Coast means I can keep costs down while offering many years of experience in software design and development without requiring a team of developers.

Please use the contact page if you have any questions. Or email directly mark@quitesensible.com.

This page has screenshots of some previous projects.

This page has video captures from some previous work.

Mark H Carolan, programmer

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 Github repository – Corona sample code (Lua)