My specialty is taking on new types of projects and kamagra health store seeing them through to delivery. Typically there’s little available in the way of standard processes for implementing such projects, and so a high degree of flexibility and creativity is required.

Native code target development platforms include Windows, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone, iPad) and Android (most of the other mobile devices). Windows products are developed with Microsoft Visual C++; OS X and iOS software with Xcode and Objective-C; Android software with Android Studio and of course Java.

Optimized ANSI C code for DSP, TCP, embedded (such as Microchip) and other real-time processing.

Unity 3D for multi-platform games and simulations and just about anything else you can think of. Efficient and economical design and order generic kamagra development of multi-platform applications is possible on a small budget with Unity 3D. Leveraging of a single codebase is relatively easy for distribution on Windows, Macintosh, iPhone, Android and many other up and coming delivery platforms.

Unity has a .NET-compatible runtime that supports the functionality of a complete business application with the cialis tadalafil cheapest online addition of slick 3D and 2D graphics, multi-channel audio and networking.

Being based on the Gold Coast means I can keep costs down while offering many years of experience in software design and development without requiring a team of developers.

Any questions, please email mark@quitesensible.com.

This page has screenshots of some previous projects.

This page has video captures from some previous work.

Github repository – Corona sample code (Lua)

Downloadable resume in PDF format

Mark H Carolan, programmer

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