New Oculus Go game

Splash screen image

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Awakening is a combination of action and strategy aimed at the new Oculus Go market (and runs on Gear VR with an S7 or better device and a Controller).

Movement is dynamic (no instant teleportation) but comfortable (no panning and steady linear transposition). It’s easy to get started but can involve some quick thinking and strategy in the higher levels. Levels are unlimited and the playing space is generated algorithmically.

You move by jumping to a reachable platform, with the ultimate goal on each level of reaching the highest point and taking on the level boss (the Guardian). To jump, you point to an empty platform and use the trigger to create a Clone of yourself; on release you move into it. You stay alive by collecting energy, which the Guardian and its Protectors will take from you. Collect energy by pointing at platforms with objects on them. Protectors provide the most energy, but take too many and the Guardian will plant a bomb near you. You can minimise damage by moving away quickly or by triggering a¬†Hyperspace, which will create a new clone of you and drop it somewhere further away. You can retrieve the old shell (and thus energy) if the Guardian or its Protectors don’t get to it first.

Agent of the Guardian

There are special objects you can collect, such as a Life Force (which will give you a second chance at staying alive – but you still need


to rebuild your energy), a Shield (which will render you invisible to your enemies for a period of time) and a Distractor (which you can place to divert the attention of the Guardian and the Protectors).

The Guardian has a powerful scan and is constantly sweeping the playing area looking for you. A Protector’s scan is not as powerful and you’ll survive a few seconds, but you can’t beat them head-to-head, so sneaking up is the best option.

Your first task is to destroy the shield around the Guardian. The resulting explosion will will knock you back to the perimeter, from where you’ll work your way back to finish the job.

Achieving the highest level is the aim. Your best, as well as the global best, will be shown on the Oculus leaderboard. For competitive play with a shared device, a player can add their own nickname, which will show up beside the device’s account name.

Divert your enemies' attention

The leaderboard  is ranked by the highest level reached, and sub-ranked by the quickest time to complete that level.

A second chance
Life Force

There’s also an option to purchase a level save, so you return to the last level you reached. For testing purposes, this purchase is one cent, but the purchase is permanent. When released, the game can be played indefinitely but each new session will be started at level 1.

A pre-release version of the game is available via Oculus keys. Always great to get new testers, so please request a free key if you’re interested in trying it out.

These are earlier screen/video shots. It’s a bit more polished now, but this shows the general idea.

Approaching the level showdown
Highest point
The main protagonist. The evil snake-things entrapping your lost soul
The aggregation that is the bad guy