VR game: Higher Ground

Higher Ground is a casual game for Gear VR.


Higher Ground is inspired by an excellent game I once played on the Amiga called The Sentinel, where you climb a landscape in order to oversee the Sentinel and conquer it. For a small video of gameplay, follow this youtube link.

In the original, the player moves by teleportation. If you have enough energy you can create a clone and transport yourself into it. Higher Ground is a different game and moves at a much faster pace. You work your way up to a position where you can conquer the Guardian. You are allocated a threat ranking, which increases as you win levels. Collect energy to make yourself more resistant to attack and to enable platform raising.

The game supports multiple user accounts so you can play in arcade mode, challenging friends. High scores are saved. When you are beaten you drop a threat ranking. Returning to play, you will start at the undefeated ranking you last played at.

This game is intended for Gear VR with a Controller or Oculus Go, and ideally a swivel chair. It can be played with just the Gear VR headset, but it’s more fun with the controller.


Playing the game



The app is available via Oculus Keys at WearVR at the introductory price of $1.49. It’s still in development but fully functional.