In recent years my primary focus has been on Virtual Reality development (VR/XR) with a particular interest in low-cost mobile VR. I’ve found mobile VR, and in particular the Oculus Go, to be an excellent platform for budget Virtual Reality products. It’s much cheaper to produce as it requires less testing, being on a single hardware device. The devices themselves are half the cost of the alternatives and are very compact and simple to use, as they have a single point-and-click controller.

This makes them ideal for 360 video and interactive 3D VR. The cost and portability makes them practical for trade shows and promotional exercises. Basic training can also be performed, although you don’t get the immersion of the full two-handed touch controllers of devices like Oculus Rift and Quest.

Since 360 video doesn’t benefit from head-tracking (as is available in Rift and Quest), the Go is a great delivery mechanism. A common use for a company wishing to do simple training, product familiarisation or product promotion would be to have a 360 video of a real environment with integrated 3D graphic VR exercises and games.

Being based on the Gold Coast in Australia means I can keep costs down while offering many years of experience in software design and development without requiring a team of developers.

Any questions, please email mark@quitesensible.com

Note that I cannot supply public links for screenshots or videos to a lot of work in recent years but can privately provide information.

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