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System requirements: Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista or 7
Which version: 1.35 (Standard) or 1.44 (Plus)?

Version 1.35 was always free. The final version of Powerbullet was Presenter Plus 1.44. This version had the option to purchase a license to unlock extra features. A key is now provided to unlock these features for free (see below).

Which one to use? They are slightly different in basic structure. Version 1.35 is simpler to use, takes up slightly less memory and is a smaller file. Version 1.44 has a built-in license manager (Armadillo) and you'll need to enter the registration code to activate the extra features. Note that the Armadillo license manager sometimes causes anti-virus programs to falsely read a positive. As long as you've downloaded Powerbullet from a reputable service, such as one of the ones listed on this page, there is no need to worry. But you can avoid this altogether by simply using version 1.35.

Registration code for Powerbullet Plus 1.44:

Name:Information Services and Technology 10

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