Old projects


NoteTrainer screenshot

A gamified music teaching app I wrote in 2007 primarily for the iPhone 3GS but I also created a Mac version. Uses wavelets for reading incoming monophonic notes from guitar, voice, whatever. Created with Xcode and written in Objective-C. The core wavelet code is plain C.

The source code is available at my GitHub account.

A link to the defunct website for an old Flash creation app I wrote early this century. It was quite popular in its day and my hosting site made reasonable money from the traffic by way of AdSense. The app was for Windows and written in C++. It made heavy use of COM, particularly with the Microsoft MSHTML rendering engine, which I used for the layout UI (before conversion to the Flash SWF format). The site is an archive only. The domain name was sold. Created in about 2003, and maintained until about 2010.

Stroople was written in Lua using the Corona 2D engine. Produced with the guidance of a Cognitive Science PHD, it was released in the App Store around 2010. Release in the App Store around 2009

CubeMotion was more of an exercise in learning Unity in about 2007. The screenshot is from a site that mirrored App Store listings. Released into the App Store around 2007.