360VR projects

Play VR was written for Panedia, a prominent 360 video producer in Southport. They wanted a custom player that had a more flexible and interesting interface than the default one provided by Oculus, plus the ability to configure 360 videos and stills into a form of narrative, with chapters, titles, descriptions etc. Numerous other features were built in, such as show mode. See the product site for more info.

Menus are dynamically generated from folder structure and optional metadata.
Hovering over a button triggers the appearance of a description box. To enable detailed descriptions, the text scrolls within the display box.
Chapter, title and description data can be displayed, with the information sourced from an optional JSON file

VRLearn is a training system consisting of a VR app, a companion mobile app with multiple login permission levels for admins, tutors and students, and a back end where the data is sent for tracking, analysis, scoring and heatmap display.

This project required a complete design and implementation of a VR-based training system with 360 video and a 3D interface. See the product page for more information.